I’m Tarah, aka Sweet T, Tarah T, TarahBean, Pink Bike Girl and a few other handles and noms de plume. I'm Southern. I like Alabama football, sweet tea, peaches, cornbread, barbecue and hot sunny days. My Granmama always told me to be sweet and I do my best to mind her. 

I love to read.  I love to talk about reading and books and life.  I like to drink wine (and vodka and craft beer) and talk about books with friends. I find that spending a little extra time thinking about a book or talking with others about it make it so much more fascinating and worthwhile, even if I didn’t enjoy reading it in the first place.

I have an awesome book club! We've been together sine 2014 but still don't have a name. At one point we considered Tarah’s aweseome sauce fuzzy buttons wine drinking gourmet cooking running riding always laughing friends and former colleagues thumbs up thumbs down winged victory book club but for some reason it didn't stick.

I began this blog as a project for my master's degree in emerging media.  I hope it will grow into something marvelous.

Other things besides reading...I live with my wonderful partner, Stephen who doesn't like social media so I plan to talk about him here  A LOT!   We have a fuzzy little yorkipoo dogchild named Henry.  I ride a super fast sleek Italian road bike - a PINK Pinarello F8 Dogma known as Pinkarello.  That's a bicycle not a motorcycle.  I also run, do yoga and any other fun ways to wiggle that will keep this body healthy and running well for as long as possible.  I cherish my health. I lost my mother to breast cancer when she was only 48.  I know there are no sure cures but I don't want to wish I had done something differently.  

I love life!  I'm always interested in learning new things, cherishing old things, hearing stories, laughing and going on adventures both real and imagined.  Maybe that's why I love books so much!  And books with friends! 




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