Book Review of Britt-Marie Was Here by Fredrik Backman from SweetTnBooks.comBritt-Marie Was Here
by Fredrik Backman

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars (3.5???)

Good for book club? Sure but I would read  A Man Called Ove by Backman instead like we did.

Oh, this book…THIS.BOOK. WTF Fredrik Backman. I spent hundreds of pages frustrated. I almost abandoned it. Several times. I was so irritated by annoying, bland, insipid Britt-Marie. She’s a character from My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry but this is not at all a sequel. It’s barely related.

I’ve been reading this book since January. I’ve listened to seven audiobooks in that same amount of time. SEVEN! Including A Visit From The Goon Squad, Daring Greatly, and The Goldfinch which is over 700 pages! It wasn’t until I was over halfway finished that it caught my interest. It wasn’t until the last hundred pages that it grabbed my heart and twisted it and made me feel so many feelings, like a flood, a flood of feelings.

Backman’s style is flowy (yes, that’s a technical term), thoughts are often incomplete. The story is told from the black and white, stodgy point of view of sixty-something, Britt-Marie, who has lived an orderly, mostly eventful life. One day she suddenly, uncharacteristically leaves her cheating husband, Kent. She just walks out the door and drives away.

Her car breaks down in a broken-down town that could be any small town in the world affected by recession. She meets Somebody, who spends the whole book as Somebody. She meets the children, the men with beards and hats, the women with walkers, and a whole cast of characters.

Britt-Marie believes everything can be cleaned up with baking soda and Faxin. And who knows, maybe it can. Backman’s books shed light on characters who are not charming or outgoing. They are not easy to be around and are hard to get to know. He wants you to know they are worthy of being known. They are valuable even though they are different. Somehow, he also seems to be applauding those forceful personalities who bully people into friendship.

Part of me wants to give this book 4 stars.  Part of me, that mulish part with its bottom lip stubbornly stuck out still feels resentful about this book being at least 150 pages longer than it needed to be. I’ve gotten so used to audiobooks.  When a book is slow at the beginning or in the middle, they keep barrelling through toward the finish.

Bottom line, Backman has a great sense of humor and a giant heart that won me over in the end.  It honestly should have been a quick read that took me too long.