Book Club Ideas for Daring Greatly from SweetTnBooks.comOur book club’s February book was Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brené Brown

As I said in my Daring Greatly book review, “Quite simply this book helps give reasons to believe we are enough. It’s a guide for overcoming fear and living whole-heartedly. It is based on a solid foundation of research by Brown because of her own personal struggles with shame and vulnerability.”

There is so much in Daring Greatly for a book club to discuss, I feel like an hour and a half was barely enough time to scrape the surface of what we could have talked about!  We all felt like this was information we already know but it was good to have a reminder.  It was also interesting to see research backing up what we know and showing how many others feel the same way.

I think ALL the amazing ladies in our book club are already daring greatly in their lives.  From those riding hundred mile bike rides, doing triathlons, to some who walk or are just starting to run, we all are leading active and healthy lives.  Our girls don’t just step out of comfort zones, they barrel heart-first.  One competed in fitness contest for the first time over age 50 – wearing a bikini onstage in front of hundreds of people!!  And rocking it! And she keeps doing it!

Our gals are starting businesses and have amazing careers, are earning new college degrees, and traveling the world while caring for family and reaching out to those in need. Whole-hearted for sure and not scared of change and opportunity!

We talked about our incredible support groups and what Brené calls “stretchmark friends, those where “our connection has been stretched and pulled so much that it’s become a part of who we are, a second skin, and there are a few scars to prove it.”  or those who have seen our stretch-marks and don’t judge us for them.  I.e.  they know we’re dorks and we know they are, too!!

For this book club, some of my ideas were from the amazing Delicious Reads Book Club.  They always have interesting and creative ideas for book club food, decor, and parties.  Some of their ideas I straight up stole, some inspired me to do something else and one I meant to steal but left at work.  Ding dong! That was the sign for the front door.  Here is what was supposed to greet the ladies as they came in from the cold.  The beautiful quote from Teddy Roosevelt that inspired the title, Daring Greatly.  And a little invocation!

Before we met, I told everyone to bring an item of food that they loved. I said, “It can be anything. There is no shame involved. If you love a fountain drink Dr. Pepper from the gas station, then bring it. Brussels sprouts? Potato chips? No food or drink is a wrong choice. And it doesn’t have calories for this night! Be YOU and bring what you love. If we all end up bringing chocolate, well, we will have a lot of what we love! And we’ll be happy and hyper!”

Food for our Daring Greatly Book Club

I went to Wegman’s and got sushi because I love sushi, and a family sized side of roasted butternut squash with onions, cranberries and spinach – delicious! I was pinched for time and wanted some to have for leftovers so I bought it premade but it’s easy to make. I’ve made it from scratch before. Here’s the recipe. Wegmans is starting to win me over, especially as I go more organic. Thier convenience foods are just so much healthier.  And their cut up and spiralized veggies aren’t much more expensive.  I

Wegmans is so large and has so many choices, it overwhelms me but it’s starting to win me over, especially as I go more organic. Thier convenience foods are just so much healthier.  And their cut up and spiralized veggies aren’t much more expensive.  I swear, the key to healthy eating is chopping, cutting, slicing, and chopping some more.  Soooo much chopping!!

Wegman's butternut squash

I also made cream cheese and pepper jelly but I made it a little different this time.  Usually I take a block of cream cheese and dump the pepper jelly on top. It’s really pretty like this example from Sometimes Martha, Always Mary.  But this time I mixed it together.  I saw it on Delicious Reads and had never done it that way before. It was good too!  It really is one of my favorite things.  It may not be particularly Southern, but I claim it as one of my Granmama’s Southern delicacies!


We handmade chocolates from our local Bomboy Candy in Havre de Grace!!  YUM!


We had Oatmeal peanut butter protein balls, trail mix, assorted cheeses with grapes and pears, veggies with an assortment of delicious dips.  We also had Gail’s quick but delicious and fascinating pringles shaped chocolates, covered with blue cheese and honey.  Try it, it’s incredible.

And what’s book club without wine!  I loved these from Middle Sister because they have such fun labels!  The Rebel Red says, “If anyone tells you they don’t like red wine, sto talking to them.  You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.”  The Drama Queen pinot grigio says, “I just rescued some wine, it was trapped in a bottle.” I love to shop for wine that complements the book we are reading.

And these napkins are fun, too!

There are many book club resources that provide reading guides and discussion questions for Daring Greatly starting with the multitude of materials on

The Live Happier Book Club has a great set of Daring Greatly book club questions to ponder.

We always have quotes as part of book club and since this was basically a book filled with quotes, that was what triggered most of our conversation.  Each of us picked a quote or two that resonated, read it, and talked about what it meant to her.  That sparked a lot of conversation!  We are very good at that!  Here are more quotes from Daring Greatly.

I don’t think everyone loved this book as much as I did. More thumbs were sideways than completely thumbs up, but we had a great time discussing it! Our book club won’t be reading a lot of self-help books in the future but this was an interesting departure. I recommend it! Happy Reading!  Happy Living, y’all!

P.S.  In case you missed my review of Daring Greatly, here it is.